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Tilers are not a Registered or licensed trade in Western Australia. Registration or Licensing is only required for builders, electricians, plumbers and painters. Tilers can obtain formal qualifications through TAFE, but many would have learned their skills “on the job” rather than be formally trained. There is a Ceramic Tilers Association to which some tillers may belong, but the trade is largely unregulated.

Whatever the value of building work to be performed, your agreement should always be in writing, setting out the schedule of works and agreed fee. If the tiling work is valued at over $7,500, the Home Building Contracts Act may require that the parties use a written agreement including terms and conditions laid down by the Act. There are penalties for non-compliance.

Similarly, for contracts valued over $7,500, contractors cannot demand advance payment for work not yet done.

Issues of non-performance, shoddy workmanship, and contract termination can be areas of contention. Depending on your agreement you may have a right to determine the contract. Both parties may have different ideas and expectations about what has been agreed and under what circumstances a contract can be determined.

When you select your tiles and how you would like them laid, it is important that you have a plan drawn up or be available on site at all times do that the tiler can confirm how you would like the tiles to be laid. A plan is always best, as it provides a reference point for sub-contractors to use. Often what you might think is a straight-forward job, is a little more complicated. For example, if the tiles are large and the area is small, tiles will need to be cut for floor wastes and falls required in the shower. You may not have imagined this when you selected the tile and how this would look when completed.

4 responses to “Tilers”

  1. Bronwyn Harmsen says:

    Hi, I have purchased 300 X 300mm rectified tiles for my bathroom floors and requested 2mm grouting between tiles to minimise the amount of grout. My builder has sent back the following. I can’t see where it says in the regulation they have given me that grout must be 3mm not less? I have small bathroom floors, about 1m length in one and 1.5m in the other. I would appreciate your feedback on this, please
    “AS3958.1 recommends 3mm grout lines on floors. Anything below 3mm requires an intermediate movement joint centred to the room which includes 2 stop beads and a silicone joint.”

  2. Cameron Goodair says:

    A handyman recently replaced 4 tiles behind the shower taps under an insurance job and left a gap between the tiled and tap flange (bezel). Do I have the right to ask that the job be redone so that the tap flange is flush with the tiles.