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This Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected by Master Builders Association of Western Australia (Master Builders).

Master Builders complies with the provisions of the 2014 Australian Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) (Privacy Act), that regulates the collection, storage, quality, use and disclosure of personal information and sensitive information, and ensures that you are given certain rights in respect of this information.

Master Builders chiefly obtains personal information from a variety of sources:

  • We collect sensitive information from you as applicant for membership or applicant for employment with the Association;
  • As purchaser of contracts or event tickets online and/or user of Master Builders products and/or services;
  • People who subscribe to our mailing lists or provide feedback via our website: or via email.
  • People who post comments and information via our website (, social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube;
  • We conduct events or deliver training;
  • A person who contacts us (including via the email and telephone details listed on our website) asking for information or advice about Master Builders or Builder’s Registration.

In addition, Master Builders routinely receives or obtains personal information about third parties (which can include you) from other members and from members of the public, as well as from publicly available records.

We may also collect personal information through:

  • “Cookies”, “IP addresses” and “session tokens”. We use software on our website and servers called cookies and session tokens, which store information and enables our website to recognise individuals’ web browsers and remember certain information to assist individuals’ future use of our website.
  • Your IP address may also be stored as an additional security measure and may be used to identify you.

All such information will, or may, be used for any or all of the following purposes:

  • Consideration of applicants for membership, employment, and for various services and benefits.
  • Membership records, administration, marketing of individual members to actual or potential clients; elections; membership drives; dissemination to you of Master Builders publications, releases and other information relevant to members and/or to the public.
  • Insurance marketing.
  • Training records, Events records, administration and marketing; marketing, administration and records for other services offered to members or to the public general administrative and marketing purposes of the Association.
  • Statistical analyses and reports.
  • Administration of the Master Builders Constitution exchange of information with other State Master Builders Associations and with MBA Inc.
  • Marketing of Master Builders, of Master Builders’ products and services, and of sponsors’ products and services to you, to other members or to the public.
  • Marketing of selected other products and services to you.
  • Administration of any and all of the above activities; and statutory obligations.

In supplying personal information, you are agreeing to any or all of the above uses of your personal information that you supply to Master Builders. You also hereby agree to similar use of other personal information that we may obtain about you from other sources mentioned above.

Subject to the Privacy Act, if we acquire any of your personal information in other ways, or if we use your personal information for purposes other than those listed above (or other than purposes reasonably related to, or reasonably implied from, those), we will notify you and seek your consent. Whenever reasonably practicable we will seek such consent in advance of, but in any case as soon as practicable after, such event.

At such times, we will take reasonable steps to inform you of:

  • The purpose/s for which the information is collected; any law – where applicable – that requires us to collect that information; and
  • The main consequences if you refuse or fail to supply any item or items of information, or to authorise its collection or its use.

The Privacy Act allows you to access and – if appropriate – to correct or to update our records containing personal information relating to you. Subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act, on request we will arrange access for you to inspect your personal information held by Master Builders. If, following such inspection, you wish to update or correct any item or items of your personal information; arrangements will be made for you to apply for such update or correction. The information will be updated or corrected – as the case may be – if we are satisfied; on reasonable grounds that this is correct and justified.

Master Builders will only use your personal information for the purpose for which it was provided to us, for related purposes or as required or permitted by law.  Such purposes may include:

  • In the ordinary course of conducting our business.  For example, responding to individuals’ enquiries and feedback; providing information about our events and training courses, news, publications and products and services that may be of interest to individuals; and maintaining a relationship with individuals;
  • for employment-related purposes, such as recruiting and providing services to staff;
  • in performing general administration, reporting and management functions.  For example, invoicing and account management, payment processing, risk management, training and managing suppliers; and
  • For other purposes related to or in connection with our business, including meeting our legal and contractual obligations to third parties and for internal corporate governance purposes.

We will not disclose your personal information to third parties except with your consent or in other circumstances where such disclosure is permitted, or required, under the Privacy Act or other legislation.

Master Builders may use and disclose individuals’ personal information (other than sensitive information) to provide individuals with information about our products and services that we consider may be of interest to the individual.  An individual may contact us (see ‘how to contact us’) if they wish to opt out of receiving further marketing offers, via email or otherwise. Direct marketing offers will contain an opportunity to opt out from receiving further communications of this nature.

Master Builders is not likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients, save where it is necessary to provide personal information as part of their service agreement with a third party software product, Campaign Monitor Pty Ltd (ABN 42 094 533 445). Please click here for more information about their Privacy Policy.

Any overseas disclosure does not affect our commitment to safeguarding individuals’ personal information.  Where reasonable in the circumstances, our contracts with overseas recipients oblige them to comply with the APPs and the Act. However, individuals acknowledge that, in agreeing to the disclosure of their information to overseas recipients, we will no longer be required to take reasonable steps to ensure overseas recipients’ compliance with the APPs in relation to the individual’s information and we will not be liable to the individual for any breach of the APPs by those overseas recipients.  On this basis, individuals consent to such disclosure when supplying their personal information to Master Builders.

Master Builders takes reasonable steps to guarantee that the information we collect, use and disclose is accurate, complete and up-to-date.  However, Master Builders relies on individuals to advise us of any changes or corrections to the information we hold about them.  An individual is able to contact us and ask for the amendment of personal information we hold if the individual believes the information we hold is inaccurate or incomplete. Please see our How to contact us details at the bottom of the page for more information.

We take reasonable safeguards to ensure that records held by us, which contain your personal information, are protected against loss, against unauthorised access disclosure use or modification, and against other misuse. We will also do everything reasonably within our power to prevent unauthorised use or disclosure of any personal information contained in any record that we may need to give to any third party.

Transmitting information via the Internet carries a security risk, which we cannot and will not attempt to control. Before using the Internet for communication, please assess the attendant risks, and proceed only if you are prepared to accept those risks.

HOW TO CONTACT US​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​You can obtain more information about your rights and about remedies of any breaches from the Privacy Commissioner on Hotline 1300 363 992 or +61 2 9284 9749 (if overseas) or via their website