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Master Builders services the needs of the entire industry, from residential to commercial, and civil engineering businesses, principal contractors to subcontractors, manufacturers and suppliers.

We assist members by providing access to a wide range of specialised services, an impressive degree of recognition, as well as representation to government and industry. Master Builders also serves the Western Australian public by fostering best practice work standards.

Over our 120-year history, the Master Builders Association has consistently provided innovative services for our members and their clients; we exist to serve their needs. In addition to our strong West Australian presence, Master Builders is part of a national federation representing more than 32,000 members across every state and territory. The role of Master Builders Australia, our federal office based in Canberra, is to promote the viewpoints and interests of the building and construction industry at a national level.

We work with members, industry stakeholders and governments to deliver excellence, prosperity and safety in building and construction by:

  • Improving regulation
  • Sharing vital industry information
  • Providing practical training to meet contemporary industry needs
  • Assisting members with the management of safe, environmentally friendly, and healthy workplaces
  • Showcasing & rewarding construction excellence
  • Providing workplace relations expertise
  • Offering a range of contract documents
  • Assisting members with contractual & tendering advice
  • Providing industry specific insurance products
  • Maintaining links with kindred organisations in the Asian & Western Pacific region

We are receptive to member feedback, and welcome your comments on any issue.


A strong Master Builders WA to assist members in growing the Building and Construction Industry’s significant contribution to the economy and community.


Master Builders WA is the peak industry association for the building and construction industry.


Master Builders WA is a membership based industry association providing our members with highly valued, specialised building industry services through:

  • Strong Industry Advocacy and Representation
  • Trusted Advice and Information
  • Tailored and Relevant Products and Services
  • Quality and Relevant Training
  • Promotion of Construction Excellence
  • National Representation via Master Builders Australia
  • Career and Professional Pathways


Master Builders WA will drive its vision with a culture that is:

  • Forward thinking and committed to the growth of the Building and Construction Industry.
  • Orientated to high performance and achieving goals to ensure our success.
  • Serviced based, driven by integrity and collaboration.
  • Committed to evidence-based decision making.
  • Strong in leadership of the Building and Construction Industry across all sectors.



We embrace Integrity when:

  • We are professional in the way we work
  • We build trust and relationships through our deeds and actions
  • We show respect to all and value diversity
  • We consistently apply evidence-based decision making, for which we are willing to be accountable
  • We are considered and consistent in our actions and communication with others


We embrace Success when:

  • We derive great satisfaction from achieving challenging goals and objectives
  • We pursue continuous improvement in all that we do
  • We are pre-emptive in how we identify and address opportunities and threats
  • We show agility and responsiveness to the changing world around us
  • We support each other in our challengers and share in each other’s successes


We embrace a Service ethos when:

  • We build trust and relationships through our deeds and actions
  • We consider the other person’s circumstances through active enquiry
  • We share our knowledge in a way that is understood and useful by others
  • We are willingly providing value to the person we are dealing with
  • We provide relevant, reliable and quality products and services to our customers


We embrace Collaboration when:

  • We are open and straight forward in our communication
  • We set goals and objectives that others can understand and engage in the purpose
  • We seek out and build sustainable partnerships to increase our capability and capacity
  • We display teamwork and knowledge sharing to achieve outcomes greater than what we can achieve as individuals
  • We work towards consensus building and a win outcome.


  • Industry Safety
  • Industry Sustainability
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Build quality and Excellence (Non-Conforming Building Product)
  • Affordable Housing

Underpinned by evidence-based decision making.