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  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Waste Management Contractors

    Most of the contractors who specialise in recycling construction and demolition materials in Western Australia will negotiate removal logistics and prices for materials with you so that solutions are tailored to your project. Enquire about different costs for any separated waste. Ensure that at all times collectors implement litter management controls like covering their loads […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Roof Carpenters

    There is no system of trade licensing in Western Australia, so it’s an “open market” for roof carpenters. Word of mouth, referral from friends or advertisements in the local community newspaper or the Yellow Pages are the main sources of supply. In terms of checking a “tradie’s” credentials, you could seek verification of formal trade […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Renovation and other checks

    If you are uncertain as to the condition of the building’s foundations or the general soundness of the house, it may be worthwhile to call in an inspector or engineer for a professional opinion. You should find, however, that if you borrow funds for your extensions, the lender will have their own inspectors check that […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Alternative Solutions in Building

    When the Performance-Based Building Code was introduced in 1996, WA was the first State to adopt it. The new Code provided the flexibility that was lacking in the Uniform Building By-Laws that prescribed the minimum requirements for compliance of residential and non-residential buildings. The performance-based Building Code of Australia (BCA) maintains the prescriptive requirements as […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Business Planning

    How you can successfully implement strategy in your business… Strategy Development – the basics There are four basic steps in a good strategy development process: Develop a plan and set of strategies for the business that define where you want to take the business in the future Convert this plan into actions and targets that […]