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It is common for home buyers to do insufficient research on whether a builder’s standard specification is suited to their needs.

Frustrated new home owners sometimes discover too late that their new garage is not wide enough or high enough for their 4 wheel drive (especially for multi-vehicle households), or that their fridge is too big or their washer too small for the space that has been designed. There are no specific uniform industry standards or requirements for items such as these which can vary from builder to builder. So it is vital that you know exactly what you are getting before signing up.

A building contract includes all the drawings and specifications. It is not just the formal document that forms the contract. Before signing a contract, buyers need to ensure that the room dimensions and space specified for white goods are appropriate for their needs. Take the time to measure the dimensions of your existing appliances if you intend to use them in your new home. Ensure that the height of your laundry worktop is sufficient to house any new front loading washer that you may be considering purchasing. Similarly, make sure that the length, width and depth of your fridge space is sufficient to meet your current and future needs (especially if you expect to have an expanding family!)

Like any project the key to success is careful planning, ensuring that nothing is left to chance, or assumed by either the builder or client.

Accurate communication of your needs to the builder will ensure that the end product will be exactly what you need.

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