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Construction in winter poses challenges for clients and builders.

The first consideration is that inclement weather could delay the project. Most building contracts entitle the builder to claim time extension for delays due to inclement weather. In the contract there is usually a process whereby the builder must notify the client within a certain period of the delay occurring. Of course the delays must be justified – for example it would be unreasonable for a builder to claim a wet weather delay while internal painting or tiling was occurring on-site.  Also the period of time claim must be reasonable.

Another issue that sometimes arises during the winter months is site access. Sometimes heavy rain can restrict access to the building lot due to boggy access roads. Before a job commences a builder will usually assess the site and the risk of delays in the delivery of materials on site due to adverse weather conditions.

Wintry conditions also provide a focus on ensuring that the building is designed to minimize energy heating costs. With housing, the importance of the correct orientation to ensure that living areas take advantage of the winter sun cannot be underestimated. Other energy efficiency elements to consider include roof and wall insulation, ensuring adequate sealing to prevent heat loss and insulating water pipes to reduce energy costs.

Our temperate climate means that Western Australian built houses do not suffer problems like water pipes cracking due to freezing climatic conditions. As a result construction of your home and subsequent living in the home should be comfortable and not cause too much stress.

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