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There are some important factors you should understand about timber floors.

  • Timber is a natural product that behaves differently through the seasons. Particularly summer and winter.
  • All timber moves to some extent within itself according to the type of fixing. 1mm gaps between some boards are not uncommon. Gaps that open during drier months often close during wetter months. The movement may be less in the colder seasons.
  • In choosing timber for your floors, you need to ensure that the floor YOU want is properly specified and stated in the specifications (e.g. species, width, profile, grade, fixing, finish, etc).
  • Timber floors can be sealed using a variety of finishes, each of which has a different look and a different resistance to wear. These include natural, seal finishes, polishes, waxes, polyurethane’s and many other finishes. Make sure the finish YOU want is specified.
  • Heating systems and/or fireplaces can cause localized drying and consequent movement in timber floors. Similarly, direct sunlight through windows that are not covered can also cause movement. Protect your floor accordingly.

Also, look after your solid timber floor – it will repay you with long life!

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