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The Building Code of Australia (BCA ’96) states that all buildings must have an effective termite control system installed to minimise the risk of attack by termites. The BCA requires “protection” only to structural or primary building elements. These provisions may be found in: Volume 1. Clause B1.4(i) Volume 2. (Housing Provisions), part 3.1.3.

Both volumes of the BCA call up or reference Australian Standard AS3660.1 “Protection of buildings from subterranean termites—new building work”. This document gives some “how to” solutions for termite management systems. These will be explained in a little detail below.

Some local Government Authorities, may impose additional requirements, so you need to consult them to determine whether the requirements of your local area are more demanding than the BCA.

Information Courtesy Mike Harding, Member of Australian Building Codes Board’s Building Codes Committee.

2 responses to “Termites and Regulatory Requirements”

  1. Ray Street says:

    Hello, I have had a new home built and no certificates at all to show that any termite treatment has been done Pre-slab or perimiter, Slab has been done now for over 12 months .
    Can you please advise of requirements from the builder