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Termites and building a new home

Before construction commences it is advisable that discussion takes place between the builder and the owner.

The selection of a termite barrier system should not be based merely on price. Other considerations such as the topography of the site, known risk factors of the area and construction techniques must also be taken into account.

We would recommend that the owner ask their builder for a copy of the Master Builders Australia publication “Home Owner’s Guide for Protection From Termites” and that this document form part of the contract document.

The builder is usually responsible for the installation of the barrier system and ensuring that it complies with the regulations and manufacturers instructions. The owner also has some obligations.

The owner is usually responsible for ensuring that there are regular inspections to detect termite activities. These should be done at least every 12 months and more often in high risk areas and should cover the whole property within the boundary and not just the main building itself. If you do detect termites, do not disturb them or their workings in any way. It will be more difficult for a professional to eradicate them if they have been disturbed. If termites are found, call your builder or a pest control agent. Your local Master Builders will be able to give the names of competent and reliable operators.

Information courtesy of Mike Harding, Member of Australian Building Codes Board’s Building Codes Committee.

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  1. Pest infiltration in pre-construction sites is a serious issue. Both the builder and owner need to ensure they co-ordinate in the right manner and ensure barriers are installed to avoid the entry of pests inside the site. I should seek the services of a pest control agency that specializes in pre-construction treatments.