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Swimming pools are extremely popular and come within the definition of “home building work” in the Home Building Contracts Act (1991). This legislation covers issues such as maximum deposit payable (6½ per cent of contract value), progress claim payments and so on.

There are several construction issues to consider. When a swimming pool is constructed as part of a new home project, you will usually see the pool put in first. This is because of the excavation work required which is then backfilled. Sometimes a pile detail is required to prevent pressure from the house footings being placed on to the side wall of the pool.

Generally speaking your choice will be between a concrete and fibreglass, although vinyl liner is another option. Fibreglass pools are generally quicker to install.

Once you have decided the type of pool, you will need to consider the location of the pool on your block. Access to sunshine, wind and shade are things to think about. If you have children you should ensure that the pool is visible say from the kitchen window to ensure proper supervision of activities.

The shape and dimensions of your pool are also important. Length, width and depth are all considerations which are obviously affected by the size of your block. 

With modern technology ongoing maintenance of your pool is less work intensive than in the past. However you need to be prepared for all additional tasks that come with a pool, such as maintaining water balance, pool cleaning and so on.

Finally, the 5 Star Plus Energy and Water provisions require a pool blanket cover to prevent evaporation.

Do your homework before you buy. Look at the website of the Swimming Pool Association for handy tips and advice.

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