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Unit and small lot developments are becoming very popular these days. There are a number of significant differences both before and during construction between unit development and a typical single detached housing project.

At the pre-construction stage you will need to obtain a development approval from the local authority for the unit development. Zoning requirements of each Shire will determine what percentage of the block can be built on and/or how many units can be constructed on the available land. This is an important consideration as it can affect the financial viability of the development.

Unit developments also attract headwork charges which are imposed by utilities such as the Water Corporation to cover the cost of essential services. Each unit will have to have a separate sewer junction. Stormwater is often an important consideration as well due to the large amount of paved area and driveways compared to a single detached house.

Many local authorities will now require temporary fencing on unit developments to restrict public access and improve site safety. The provision of adequate and/or temporary power can also be a difficulty.

There are also difficulties during construction which are different to typical house sites. Site access can often be a problem. Some inner city councils do not allow trucks to deliver on-site, nor are waste disposal bins permitted. This means delivery trucks must park at a distance from the site and transport materials by bobcat. Scheduling of work can also provide a challenge as the quantity of building material which can be placed on the verge is often limited.

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