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Theft and burglary are events that you can guard against in the design of your new home. Security and peace of mind do not have to be expensive. By all means install electronic monitored security and video surveillance equipment if you can afford these items, but a few simple inclusions in your building specifications can go a long way to discouraging would be intruders.

Here are some of the things that you can consider:

  • Solid core external wooden doors with a double key-lock deadlock, peephole and hinges mounted to prevent pin removal;
  • Key locks on patio doors and/or door bolts to prevent lifting from the track;
  • Security screens on external doors, sliding doors and windows (key locks may be sufficient on most windows);
  • Security of power meter;
  • Security stickers on doors and windows; or
  • Use of security film or toughened window glass to prevent breakage or shattering.

Your house and garden design should also not allow entrances to be obscured from the street. Placement of entrances, walls etc in your design should consider security aspects.

You can also find information from the police, insurers and some local governments.

It is virtually impossible to make your home burglar proof, but a few low cost security items could help.

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