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The value of home alterations activity in Western Australia is huge, at up to $3 billion per year.  Many homes in Perth that were built in the 1960’s and early 1970’s are approaching their “use by” date.  Retrofitting activity of laundries, kitchens and bathrooms is very popular.

The decision to renovate is often the result of such factors as the locality of the site in relation to transport, shopping facilities and schools, as well as the availability of money from lending authorities. Make sure you check out all the various options with your finance lender as it is so often the case that they will finance an existing home and then advance a personal loan to carry out the renovations.

Extending a house to provide more space is often more economical than buying or building a new one. The housing market is very aware of this fact as is evidenced by the extension craze which began some years ago and which shows no signs of slowing down. People are adding to their exist¬ing homes by seemingly going upwards and outwards in every direction.

So many people buy a house and then want to turn into a home which reflects both your personality, needs and lifestyle. This can be a challenging and most rewarding experience, for it doesn’t matter if you wish to transform just a single room with the use of paint and lighting or undertaking major renovations, the challenge is being able to accomplish the changes within your budget. The reward is living in a house which is your own personal setting.

Extending a house to provide more living space is an obvious alternative to selling up and moving to a larger home, and is being favoured by many people who decide not to re-establish their families in a different locality.

In line with greater acceptance of home exten¬sions there has also been an improvement in designs of home extensions, and the solution of adding a “box” to the top or the side of the house is mostly a thing of the past.

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