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The WA Government has established a number of redevelopment authorities to expedite the development of land in WA.

They operate by suspending local and state planning laws and introducing redevelopment schemes to govern development in a defined area.

Current redevelopment authorities include:

Armadale Redevelopment Authority

The Armadale Redevelopment Authority (ARA) is tasked is to plan, undertake, promote and coordinate the development and redevelopment of land in central and outer Armadale areas.

East Perth Redevelopment Authority

This authority coordinated the redevelopment of 146 hectares of inner city land in East Perth, the redevelopment of land over the new Northbridge tunnel & the eastern gateway to Perth city.

Midland Redevelopment Authority

This authority is managing redevelopment of land in Midland.

Subiaco Redevelopment Authority

The Subiaco Redevelopment Authority is transforming 80 hectares of dormant industrial land into an urban renewal project.

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