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Pools will require circulation, filtering and measures to control algae and fungal growths. As a pool owner, you will need to find out how this all works to make sure you don’t end up with an infected green pond in your backyard! 
There are a number of different systems available for pools now including salt water, and mineral pools. Each have different maintenance and installation requirements, so ask your pool professional about the best pool for you.
Suction cleaners are routinely used to remove sediment from the bottom of the pool and deliver it to the filter system. Many pools are now heated to extend the seasonal period when they can be used in comfort.
It is also wise to choose a location protected from vegetation that produces substantial leaf litter likely to foul your new pool making filters and additives work harder, and increasing the maintenance costs of your pool.
Further consideration should be given to the new landscaping around the pool including plants, paving, decks and other features. Consider how the pool will be used and the safety of surfaces and features you select. Sharp edges, paving or decking that becomes slippery with water, or paving or concrete that becomes very hot for bare feet should be avoided.
Pool blankets are an important accessory to reduce your pool’s evaporation and warm your pool to a more comfortable swimming temperature for more of the year. All new pools installed in WA are required to have a pool cover as part of the 5-star plus requirements to conserve our precious water resource. They also can reduce the need for chemicals in your pool.

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