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The NBN is giving some people access to super fast internet connection and is being rolled out around Australia over the next few years.

To determine if the NBN is currently in or soon to be in the area of your new home, you should check the online maps at

Being connected may have many benefits including being able to access video streaming, entertainment on demand, online games, music and photos, access to international TV, news and sport, and being able to have multiple connected devices in your home. For some, it can enable working from home too.

Even if you don’t have access to the NBN yet, it is worthwhile to consider preparing your new home for fiber if it is likely to be put past your premises. In regional areas check to see what NBN services are proposed.

If you are building a new home, ensure that you have suitable data ports marked up on your building plans with your builder.

In doing this, consider where you might be using home computers. Think about the potential for smart kitchen appliances, a wireless router location for Wi-Fi devices, a remote monitored security system, internet TV, and any fixed line voice connections if still required.

Importantly, you should decide on a location for the NBN connection equipment. Your builder should be able to arrange its installation. Standard installation hardware is currently free of charge – you can visit or call 1800 687 626. Standard installation of NBN equipment does not include additional home network wiring beyond the installation of the NBN connection box.

The installation of NBN equipment includes the installation of a power supply unit, NBN connection box, NBN utility box and associated fibre optic cables.

The connection equipment needs to be near a power point, in a cool ventilated area (ie not in a wet area like a laundry), somewhere easy to check and in the same building as the main electric meter box or distribution board.

You can also decide whether or not to select the battery backup option. If selected, this can keep your NBN connection running during a power failure for around 5 hours for a standard corded phone that doesn’t require mains power. It can also power your NBN connection box itself, while other devices connected to the box (eg a wi-fi router) will need a separate backup power source.

If you’re not planning to have a fixed line phone, you may decide not to have a backup battery at this stage, as there is less equipment to install and maintain, and requires less batteries. But you are more vulnerable if there is a power outage.

Once all the equipment is installed, you can then choose a telecommunications service provider to provide your data and/or voice connection.

This is general information only, please visit for all the details and discuss your options with your builder.

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