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  1. | 26 Jul 2013

    DECON 2013 Subcontract

    DECON 2013 – Subcontract is the companion subcontract for DECON 2013. It is the contract to use where a contractor engages a subcontractor to complete part of the building project. DECON 2013 – Subcontract provides a broad contractual framework and establishes the legal rights and obligations of each party and their powers and duties under […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Unfair Dismissal

    The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) increases the protection for employees who have been unfairly dismissed. Who can make an unfair dismissal claim? A person can make an unfair dismissal claim if they have: completed the minimum employment period; and are covered by a modern award (or award-based transitional instrument) or an enterprise […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Rise and Fall Clause

    In times of volatile building costs, builders will look at ways of reducing the risk of signing “fixed price” contracts with clients, contracts which leave the builders bearing the total burden of fluctuating costs over the construction period. In the last boom, massive increases and fluctuations in the price of roof tiles, steel and copper […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Safety Management Plan (Residential)

    WorkSafe WA has introduced mandatory site-specific safety management plans for domestic construction as from 1 October 2008. Where five or more persons are working or are likely to be working simultaneously on a domestic construction site, you will need to have a site-specific occupational health and safety management plan prepared before work commences. The plan […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Site Works and Contracts

    Site costs can be a difficult element of a building contract. In most situations, builders will not specify an exact amount for site works, but will nominate a “provisional sum” or best estimate which may be adjusted up or down depending on work actually required. Under the Home Building Contracts Act a builder cannot just […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Storm Season – Simple Strategies

    Simple strategies for the arrival of the storm season The official ‘storm season’ runs from May to October in southern WA. There is no substitute for preparation, and there is plenty that can be done to protect your home in advance. This can save you a lot of time, hassle cost in the long run if […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Security: Your Home

    There are a number of factors to consider when you want to make sure your new or existing home is as secure as possible. Below are a list of things to consider when you are trying to make your home as safe as possible. Let’s look at the house   1. Are there security screens […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Solar Power System

    The Solar Panels collect the sunlight and create energy. They are attached to the roof by high strength rails able to withstand wind, rain and hail. The energy flows through to the Inverter which converts the current from Dc to AC (to usable household power).   A Bi-directional meter records the amount of power being […]