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  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Tiles and Lippage

    Lippage is a condition in floor tiling where one edge of a tile is on a different plane to an adjacent tile. In plain terms this means that one tile is higher than another giving the finished surface an uneven appearance. When large tiles are used on surfaces with compound falls to a floor waste, […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Retaining Walls on Boundaries

    Retaining walls are not dividing fences and are subject to different legislative requirements. When installing retaining walls along boundaries, they must be wholly constructed inside the property – unless you have you consent of the adjoining landowner. It is a good idea to have the boundary line pegged by a licensed land surveyor to be […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Rainwater Tanks

    With downpipes placed strategically around a home you could collect about 80 per cent of rainwater from the roof area. The Water Corporation suggests that with a roof area of around 100 square metres and our recent average rainfall of around 750mm per year, you can collect over 80,000 litres of water, saving money and […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013


    Many building products can be recycled in Western Australia, some of which are listed below.  Remember that this list does not reflect the ease of recycling material on every job. It is important for you to investigate the opportunities available for recycling in your local area and consider opportunities for recycling specifically for your project. […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Construction Software

    In the construction industry, being a cutting edge company that embraces innovation and new technology can be the difference between being a true industry-leader and struggling to remain profitable. Different businesses require different systems. If your company reaches a point where you find your software systems and processes are holding you back from reaching your […]