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  1. | 26 Jul 2013

    ABIC SW.SC Simple Works Short Form Pack

    The pack contains 20 short form subcontracts for use with the ABIC SW 2018 Principal Contract; 1 full copy of the subcontract, for reference; and 1 time bar guide that lists most of the critical timing issues that subcontractors need to take into account. The pack will enable contractors to enter into subcontracts with up to 20 subcontractors in a single form contract, whilst having available to them a full copy of the ABIC SW.SC 2018.

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Electricity Planning

    Good electrical design and fitout is often underrated in its importance to the ”liveability” of your new home. Like most things planning is important. An omission during the construction stage can be much more expensive to rectify after your house is completed particularly if you have restricted roof cavity space. Some questions to consider include: […]