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Good electrical design and fitout is often underrated in its importance to the ”liveability” of your new home. Like most things planning is important. An omission during the construction stage can be much more expensive to rectify after your house is completed particularly if you have restricted roof cavity space.

Some questions to consider include:

  • Have you included enough points, switches and dimmers in your design eg near your bed?;
  • Do you intend to incorporate a security system and pay TV or a home theatre system in your new home?;
  • What about networking your computer system throughout the house?; and
  • You can also save energy by the use of timers and electrical sensors throughout the home eg. in the pantry.

Another important consideration relates to the décor of your home. There are many colours for switches other than the standard white! Choose colours which match walls and suit the furniture you will buy.

In the bedroom and kitchen electrical design is critical. Are you going to include a bathroom heater, or a mirror demister? In the kitchen allow enough power points and bench space for the myriad of appliances used without the need for running cords all over the bench top.

Always use a qualified electrician and never attempt any electrical work yourself. To find a Master Builders member click on the adjacent search function.

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