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A stitch in time saves nine. With our time-poor, fast-paced, gadget-filled lives, what is it costing us to neglect our biggest asset? In one word. Thousands.

We lock and leave our homes to pursue our work and social commitments every day and no-doubt do not need more items on the already over-loaded “to-do” list. But there are some little, cost-effective ways to maintain your home that will save thousands later to repair preventable damage.


These little pests love the neglectful home-owner. Regardless of the type of system installed in your home (chemical spray or physical barrier such as stainless steel mesh), you need to have regular inspections to ensure there has not been a breach. Termite damage is costly and inconvenient! Have your home inspected annually.


Although you may not have trees around your home, it is amazing how much debris ends up in your gutters. If this is not cleaned out, it can block downpipes and cause unsightly damage to eave linings and ceilings. If you do have a lot of trees in your area, invest in some gutter shields that allow water to filter through, but reduce the amount of leaves that they collect.

If you are considering installing a patio or already have one, check where the storm water is going. The existing gutters are not designed to take more water from the additional roof area. Separate gutters and downpipes are recommended for patios.


Not only do curtains and blinds provide privacy and increase the thermal efficiency of your home, they protect many home finishes including timber floors, furniture and cabinetry from the damage caused by sunlight. Install window coverings as soon as possible.

Kitchen and bathrooms

Although laminate products are water proof, leaving water on benches and splashes on cabinet doors will cause them to eventually swell and lift. Dry surfaces with a soft cloth.

Wind and salt

Our love of coastal living brings the burden of corrosion. Although homes are built to withstand prevailing weather conditions, protective coatings and materials need to be cleaned of salt to maintain their effectiveness. Regular washing down of exposed metal will ensure their intended life span and keep items stored in areas surrounding your home secure.

Smoke alarms

Most important asset of your home are the people that sleep inside. Make sure you have working smoke alarms installed, test monthly and change your battery every year. Check out the FESA website for more safety tips for your home.


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