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Liveable Homes: Resource for designing new homes

A resource has been developed to support designers and builders improve the adaptability and accessibility of new housing designs. Our population is ageing, and the number of people with disability is also on the increase.

The ‘Livable Homes’ resources have been developed by the Disability Services Commission with the support of leaders from the housing and building industries, including the Master Builders Association of WA.
The Liveable Homes initiative offers free guidelines checklists and free resources for voluntary use by industry – visit the Liveable Homes website for more information.
They have been developed to raise awareness and educate builders, designers and home buyers so that access considerations are up-front and not an expensive after thought.
Simple things like a flat level entrance to a wide front door and an accessible toilet and shower on the entry level make an enormous, yet inexpensive, difference to getting about and staying in your home regardless of individual circumstances.
The guidelines include both essential and desirable design elements. Some accessibility measures can be done at little or no additional cost whatsoever.
Perth builders have costed the variations to include the essential elements on a range of standard plans and its cost is between $1,500 and $3,000.
The ‘Liveable Homes’ resources are available online and in hard copy. They include:


  • A technical manual
  • Checklists
  • Fact sheets and diagrams
  • Point of sale brochures
  • Archicad Library
  • Wall Chart of essential design features

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