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The Liveable Homes initiative was developed to increase the number of private and public homes in WA built with universal access.

They are open-plan, easy to use and move around in and designed to maximise space in key areas. This ensures people of all ages and abilities can live in or visit the home.

Resources have been developed by the Disability Services Commission with support from housing and building industry leaders—including the Master Builders Association of WA—to help designers, builders and home-buyers improve the adaptability and accessibility of new housing designs or homes under renovation.

To include essential elements on a range of standard plans, Perth builders estimate it is about $1500 to $3000 for the variations, compared to expensive retrofitting later on.

Simple items, such as flat-level entrances to wide front doors and accessible toilets and showers on entry levels make enormous, yet inexpensive differences to the elderly, families with small children and people with temporary or permanent disability.

Free Liveable Homes resources, including essential and desirable guidelines, are available at

They include fact sheets with detailed technical specifications and perspectives for each Liveable Homes guideline, free CAD and jpeg images, checklists and examples of house plans for a range of block sizes and shapes developed by WA builders.

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