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Hiring a Landscape Designer is a sound initiative. You wouldn’t consider building your home without a plan, yet many people take a very hap-hazard approach to the creation of their garden. Mistakes and scrimping on costs in the early stages may mean expensive work in rectifying mistakes and getting it right later on. Fortunately, we are now more aware of the fantastic lifestyle opportunities that gardens can give us and having your garden designed is becoming accepted practice.

Garden Design is both an art and a science, combining creativity and logic. There are few professions as complex as garden design. 

Good design practice involves understanding the logistics of the site, solving problems, understanding budgets and remaining calm in the face of aesthetic challenges. Plant knowledge alone is not enough. A complete landscape designer will have a broad knowledge of local soils, plant selection and hard landscaping. A sense of style and proportion are also imperative in your choice of designer.

A well designed garden will also be more water efficient. Suitable water irrigation systems, well located garden beds, and proper soil and plant choices will save your water bill and pressure on our water supplies. Visit the website. 
Landscape Designers provide services which include consultations and design.
1.       Consultations: The first step to having your garden designed professionally. The designer works with you to interpret your needs and preferences and discuss factors such as your lifestyle, the architectural features of your house, the elements, the environment, drainage, access, gradients, children, pets… the list goes on! Check with your designer for the fee for this service.
2.       Landscape Design: Most designers go through a design process which will include a site analysis and measure, preparation of a concept plan, plant selection and soil advice and preparation of a detailed landscape plan. Once this is done, clients can get landscape contractors to quote for ‘building’ some or all of the design. Your landscape designer can usually recommend landscape contractors suitable for your job. Most designers will adapt the service they provide to suit your requirements. Landscape designers are also able to work with your architect at the time your house is being designed. They will either quote you a fixed charge for landscape design or quote you by the hour for more complex work.

Acknowledgement: Landscape Industries Association of WA 

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