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For a number of years, it was difficult to get approval for theatre rooms if they were proposed without windows as they did not comply with the Building Code of Australia. After much lobbying by builders and designers, the Building Code has been adjusted to allow theatre rooms without windows, which is normally required for ventilation and cross-ventilation for energy efficiency. The definition of Habitable Room has been adjusted to exclude a room of a specialized nature occupied neither frequently nor for extended periods. However, as the trend of theatre rooms fades or changes, a home will be left with a large room with no windows.
Many homebuyers want their new homes to be designed with a home theatre, instead of a traditional living room or activity area. Home theatres are generally fully enclosed with dimensions and furniture, together with acoustic treatments,to  maximise the sound effects of video, DVD or music entertainment to replicate the theatre experience. If you choose to include glazed windows, you would need to install expensive window treatments in order to maintain the level of acoustic performance.
When designing your new home, consider the lifespan of your home, consider the spaces you wish to include, and how they might be adapted in future or by subsequent owners.

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