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Home security systems are becoming cheaper, much easier to use and more accessible from wherever you are thanks to improving technology, says Daniel Lee from Master Builders.  


There are many different systems to choose from and many experienced and approved providers that will select, install, monitor and maintain your system. You can have a simple system that has coverage of three to six areas, with one code pad, or you can have many code pads throughout the house, many coverage/sensor points, coupled with cameras and digital video recording and monitors.


You can also have a system that is automated intelligence. This means that all electronics and security systems throughout your home can be managed from a single keypad or mobile phone. You can have cameras that record back to your laptop at work, mobile phone, or a receiving monitor/screen in your vehicle.


Some of the types of systems available are listed below by Master Builders member Foresight Security (you can find them on


Systems with motion sensors (PIRs)

Motion sensors pick up any movement in a designated area and report back instantly to your security system and this will trigger the alarm. If you have animals, you can choose a type that recognises animals. This enables you to have pets inside during the day and night without triggering the alarm.


Wireless and wired

Combining a wireless and wired system will ensure not only reliability, but will allow for the ability to add and upgrade your system at any time. Also if the power is cut by an offender, the back up battery will take over so that your home is still secure. Therefore, ensure that you have purchased an approved back up battery system which should last at least 48 hours.


Depending on what you have purchased, you may find that your security system has the capability to send the monitoring company a ‘tamper’ alarm message if your power or phone line has been cut. With today’s technologies almost any alarm configuration is possible.


The wireless system may also have the capacity to send a tamper message to the monitoring company. This needs to be confirmed with the installer and system company. Do not take anything for granted with home security systems, as there are many varieties on the market with different capabilities.


Magnetic switches coupled with motion sensors

This type of system means that you have more protection through magnetic switches being placed on any external doors, windows, other entrances. If this switch is moved or tampered with, it triggers an alarm.


Digital security cameras

You can also have digital security cameras which can be mounted internally and externally, and have a Digital Video Recording System (DVRs) as a viewing tool. The memory on these devices can vary from one hour to three months or longer depending on memory capabilities, how much footage is taken, and the speed of digital recovery. If the system is compatible, video images can be sent to your work or holiday computer, car, or mobile phone.

For more information, please see Security – Home Systems.

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