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When we purchase a new car, we know we can save money and reduce its depreciation by keeping up with servicing and maintenance. As part of vehicle servicing, the mechanic checks things like fuses and seatbelts to ensure they are safe. But what about our homes – our biggest investment? What sort of maintenance and servicing regime do we have? Generally none. We wait until something breaks or fails before we act.
Whether you build a new home or purchase an established home, there are items that should be on your maintenance list. This not only keeps your home looking good and components working well, it also reduces repair and replacement costs. Items like air-conditioners and hot water units should be regularly checked and maintained so they operate at optimum efficiency.
A checklist for your home for monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance work around the home is a great idea. Divide your tasks into seasons and spread them out across the year so a little work regularly doesn’t feel like such a burden.
An example would be:
  1. Check smoke alarms on April fools day each year – like the FESA initiative suggests.
  2. Arrange a termite inspection on the anniversary date you moved into your home.
  3. Get your garage door mechanism serviced on the annual renewal of your vehicle registration.
  4. Organise a service of your air-conditioning system or units during spring. Clean filters every 3-6 months.
  5. Organise your hot water system check/maintenance just before winter. Check taps for leaks at the beginning of every season.
  6. Clean out gutters before winter rains and cut-back branches ready for storms.
  7. Check exterior paint just before summer.
  8. Check balustrade and handrail fixings every December before the party season starts.
Each home has unique maintenance needs. Spread them out during the year and get into the habit of checking off your maintenance checklist.
There are daily and weekly things you can do to increase the lifespan of your home including wiping up water spills from cabinets and bench-tops, installing window coverings to protect from the harsh sun, and keeping gardens and reticulation away from the immediate perimeter of your home.

Master Builders has available the New Home Owners Guide with great tips if you are building a new home, as well as maintenance tips to maintain your home. The guide is available for purchase for $15.00 from Master Builders click here to purchase a copy online.

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