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Development conditions are sometimes attached to the purchase of land. These conditions are set to protect the interest of buyers and are centred around building strong, vibrant and sustainable Western Australian communities. 

How conditions protect the buyer

Stipulating a time frame for completion prevents land speculation by buyers who are only interested in land value appreciating. 

Only genuine buyers are purchasing land and developing it, resulting in establishment of sound communities.

The buyer’s home gains value by being part of quality residential development in a dynamic community.

An assurance of quality building adds greater protection and value to a buyer’s investment. 

LandCorp development conditions

Our sales development conditions relate to practical issues, such as building time frame, type of development and landscaping. 

For example, many of our residential land sales require you to build a home within a specified time. This condition ensures the timely development of a vibrant new estate that functions and grows as a community.

Design guidelines are often attached to our development conditions. They can include landscaping, fencing requirements and sustainability initiatives and can vary for each of our land releases. 

Every project has its own conditions

Because no two land releases are the same, we evaluate each one seperately and with equal care. Conditions can differ for land that is residential , industrial, commercial or mixed use purposes as well as within these categories. So, for example conditions may vary from one commercial park to another, and the time frame to build can also be different for each development. 

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