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An important step in achieving the look and style you’re after is selecting the right products. Here are some additional elements you’ll also need to think about when creating a designer look for your bathroom.


The right colours will accentuate the mood of your bathroom. Light tones can help to make a small room appear larger. If practicality is important, avoid stark whites that are difficult to keep clean. If you wish to incorporate a darker colour within your bathroom, consider a feature wall with a series of lighter walls around it to provide contrast. Updating colour is much easier with plaster than tiles, so consider only tiling the wet areas and leaving some walls in plaster.


Good lighting will really bring your bathroom to life, making it appear larger and helping to present the fittings and fixtures at their very best. The more natural light you have, the better. If you only have a small bathroom window, consider adding a skylight. Natural light from above will lift the height of the ceiling for a more open feel and provides a practical solution where privacy is a consideration.

Tiles, Flooring and Finishes

Your choice of flooring will play a big part in the final look of your bathroom. Avoid using high gloss tiles for floor areas as they can be slippery when wet. Other bathroom surface options include stone, polished concrete, timber or floating boards, toughened glass and laminates.

Minimum spaces

You will need to establish the minimum requirements for space around your bathroom. Allow at least 600mm in front of the toilet and approximately 200mm either side of the bowl for elbowroom. 700mm should be allowed between the front of the basin and the nearest wall or object. Power points should be located at least 500mm from splash zones. Shower recesses should be at least 900 x 900mm square, however this is a minimum and more space is recommended if available. The average bath is approximately 1700mm long, 800mm wide and 400m deep.


Acknowledgement: Reece Plumbing

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