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As the general public and builders become more environmentally aware, the pressure is on suppliers to meet their needs.
Selecting environmentally friendly construction timbers is one area where the builder has an increasing amount of choices.
‘Eco’ timber is the common name given to timbers that are harvested with the community in mind; many of these are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. These timbers provide evidence, by means of a chain of custody, that they are harvested from forests which operate under ‘sustainable practices’.  In Perth, Merbau, Rosewood, Ironbark, Jarrah, Spotted Gum and Sugar Gum are available. Recycled timbers are also in demand.
Paul Oorschot, director of WA Timber Decking Professionals, said demand for eco timbers and man made options was increasing. “Domestically people are asking where their timber for decking, stairs or balustrades is coming from. Commercially, man-made composite decking materials are providing very practical solutions for sites in extreme conditions or for those needing high levels of maintenance. Fortunately we can offer these choices to the domestic and commercial markets”, Oorschot said.
Evidence of this is the extensive use of man-made composite decking in the terrace areas at the CEVUE apartments in Scarborough. “We were able to work with the designers to come up with many practical solutions to the extreme coastal conditions by including Modwood, Versi jacks support system and stainless steel fixtures in the construction”, Paul Oorschot added. The final effect is stunning.
Acknowledgements: WA Timber Decking

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