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Industrial Relations

Master Builders are constantly monitoring this fast-evolving situation now known and addressed as Covid-19. We are continuously assessing the impacts on our industry and will continue to support our members by providing relevant guidance, support and advice in line with Federal and State Government responses.

To assist our members, we will continue to provide updated information on the situation through our website and other forums. We will continue to keep you updated with relevant information, fact sheets and information as we progress through these issues together

Employers are required to provide a working environment in which workers are not exposed to health risks, as far as possible.

Appropriate actions may include:

  • Checking official Government sources for current information and advice
  • Reviewing and promoting policies and measures for infection control. Remind staff about the need to ensure good personal hygiene and encourage regular hand washing
  • Ensuring workers are aware of the isolation/quarantine periods in accordance with advice from the Australian Government Department of Health.  This includes information on when staff should not attend work and actions they should take if they become unwell or think they may have the symptoms of coronavirus such as fever, cough or sore throat.
  • Eliminating or minimising international work travel, in line with the travel advice on the Australian Government’s Smartraveller website
  • Providing regular updates to workers about the situation and any changes to policies or procedures as well as information on relevant support services.
  • Contingency planning to manage staff absences.

WorkSafe has supplied information on preparing for coronavirus here. Coronavirus information from the Australian Government Department of Health is here and the WA Department of health here. The World Health Organisation also has online updates here.


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Should any members have any questions relating to the above information, please contact Master Builders of WA directly.

EMAIL US (08) 9476 9800

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