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Condensation is at its maximum in new homes. When homes are built many gallons of water go into materials such as concrete, plaster, wallpaper, tile work and even some types of paint. This water evaporates; which explains the reason for a higher moisture content than usual in new homes.

To aid the drying out process it is important to ensure that adequate ventilation is provided during the initial occupancy of the house. Do not try to speed up the process by excessive heating in winter as this will only tend to create uneven drying which will exaggerate normal shrinkage. To control condensation, make sure you;

  • Open windows in laundry area while washing and drying clothes;
  • Provide an exhaust fan in kitchen, bath and laundry areas, or open windows after baths or showers if no exhaust fan is provided
  • Maintain proper drainage around the house to keep moister from rising in the house
  • Provide a vent for equipment such as clothes dryers.


2 responses to “Condensation”

  1. peter brescacin says:

    Hi my name is Peter and i am building a home in the hills and i noticed today my main bedroom 3 windows were full of condensation at 10am though none of other windows were? It a double brick home, tin roof with 50mm anticon and 3 e-vents, wall insulation, bush fire weepas and it has been locked up since the 22/12/16 with no one entering since then. Should this be that i have condensation and should i notify the builder that this happening ?

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