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One advantage of clay brick paving is that it does not fade and generally requires little maintenance. Usually sweeping and hosing will keep them looking good, but high pressure cleaning might be needed where there is excessive garden grime or where moss may have grown. This can be slippery and needs to be removed. If you do use high pressure cleaning make sure that you sweep the jointing sand back in.

You will need to maintain the sand joints, preferably using white washed sand. Also be careful not to dump garden mulch on paved areas.

To prevent the growth of fungi, use a copper-sulphate and water solution. The copper sulphate will remain in the pavers and inhibit growth of the fungi.

It also pays to have paving work done professionally. There is always a temptation to try to do it yourself with something like paving which looks simple. However, as with most things unless you have experience this can be more expensive. Site preparation is critical on the job to help prevent future subsidence as is the patterning of the tiles. You will need to determine what pavers are most suitable for your circumstances. For example standard pavers may be unsuited for driveways where heavy vehicles are parked. Click on our adjacent search function to find a Master Builders member contractor or supplier.

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