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The direction each room faces within your home makes a huge difference to your comfort and your home’s running costs. Design your home around the points of a compass:


Maximise this space. The sun’s position in summer and winter means north facing rooms remain at a comfortable temperature all year – perfect for living rooms, such as family rooms, kitchens and indoor/outdoor entertaining areas.


  • Awnings, shutters and pergolas limit unwanted heat gain and loss.
  • External shading can reduce heat flow in summer by 75%


These areas can get uncomfortably hot in summer, because of sun exposure and so are best suited to utility rooms, such as garages, laundries, bathrooms and storage.


  • Wide eaves, shrubs and tree shade external walls from unwated heat.
  • make the most of cooling south west summer breezes. Allow for cross ventilation by opening windows and doors
  • Install a rainwater tank


This is the shady side of your home which also allows for cool summer breezes.

Cool in summer and winter, it’s a good place to locate the bedrooms.

Acknowledgement: LandCorp

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