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Always seek professional advice early on. Use a Master Builders member company. Professionals understand the process involved and by developing your bathroom in consultation with experts, you’re more likely to avoid potential problems. They will know what can be achieved given your available space and budget. They can also assist with product selection and provide an excellent source of ideas.

Here are a few tips for finding the right professionals: 

Ask around – Speak to friends, family and work colleagues who may have recently undertaken building or renovation projects. Ask if they could recommend professionals they have been happy with in the past.

Contact professional bodies – Check that the plumber, builder or electrician you’re considering is licensed with the relevant bodies. This is particularly important when undertaking structural changes on your home to ensure that the work is guaranteed.

Ask to see examples of their work – Most architects or builders will keep photos of previous projects they have been involved with. Ask to see some examples of work they have carried out recently, or possibly view in person projects they have completed.

Talk to them – Discuss your bathroom ideas and budget and get their opinion on the project. Do they seem sincerely helpful and knowledgeable? Are you comfortable with their suggestions and is their estimate in line with your expectations.

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