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Social media marketing for business


Does social media marketing really have a worthwhile return on investment for business?

Everyone seems to be doing it, but you’re not convinced you can make money from it – and rightly so! Unless social media marketing is done properly, with the right foundations in place, it can be a massive waste of time, and a waste of money.

But once you know who you’re targeting and where to “fish” for them, social media can have a massive impact on your business. You just have to know what you want from it, and then develop a social media marketing plan that can measure your effectiveness.


This fast-paced session will help you:

  • Identify your social media objective(s) so you know what you’re aiming for
  • Describe your ideal customer so you don’t waste money targeting the wrong audience
  • Identify the “fishing holes” where your ideal customers hang out, so you’re casting your net where the fish are
  • Explore the different social media options so you choose those that provide YOUR business with the best return on investment
  • Create social media engagement on the platform of your choice to establish a community of followers who love what you do
  • Decide if social media marketing will add to the bottom line of your business
  • Build the foundations of a well-structured social media marketing plan so you can begin to implement the very next day.

Using interactive, experiential exercises and real-life case studies throughout the program, you’ll walk away with your own well-structured, social media, marketing plan and some proven techniques for gaining the best return on your time and marketing spend.



    DATES: Please contact your local office for upcoming dates.
    DURATION: 4 hours


*Prices subject to change.