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Mastering Time Management

In these unprecedent circumstances, we all are seeking to regain control of their working day and implementing strategies for greater focus and efficiency. In these times, as we are using all means of communication, work gets interrupted and delayed at certain times. To learn the skills and tricks to stay abreast with the management of time to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, join us for this course. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding and Structuring your Working Day
  • Goal Setting, Prioritisation, Planning and Execution
  • The List Master
  • Controlling Technology – Email, Instant Messaging, Social Media, Video Conferencing and the Smart Phone
  • Identifying and Removing the Time Killers
  • Golden Rules for Meetings
  • Structuring the Working Day, Time Blocking and Training your Interrupters
  • Setting your Goals and Targets

A Master Builders Certificate of Attendance will be awarded.



    DATES: Please contact your local office for upcoming dates.
    DURATION: 4 hours