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As a member, you have access to Master Builders' team of industry experts who can provide specialist advice and assistance across the complete range of work health and safety obligations, which are a requirement under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 and the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996. We provide a customised approach to your safety issues, on a long or short term basis.


A construction site safety management plan is a documented health and safety plan for a specific construction site. According to current State Occupational Safety and Health Legislation, before work begins the builder (i.e. the main contractor) must prepare a WHS/OSH management plan for any site where there are, or are likely to be, 5 or more people working at the same time.

Although not legally required for projects with less than 5 people on site at the same time, WHS/OSH management plans are recommended for use by builders as written evidence of how risks are being managed on site.

Have a question or need advice on safety matters? Call the Master Builder’s Safety Team on 9476 9800 or email for assistance.


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If high-risk construction work is, or is to be, done at a construction site, the main contractor must ensure that all high-risk construction work is carried out in accordance with a safe work method statement (SWMS).

A safe work method statement (SWMS) is prepared by the person in control of the high-risk work activity and provided to the main contractor prior to the work commencing. Where the main contractor is unable to obtain a safe work method statement from the person in control of the high-risk work then the main contractor must develop a safe work method statement and ensure that all persons involved in the activity understand the requirements of the specific SWMS.


A site safety inspection provides you with a written safety report which identifies unsafe work practices and noncompliance issues on your site. The report recommends possible corrective actions and identifies opportunities for improvement. This type of service also demonstrates a commitment and proactive approach to managing safety in the workplace.

Similar to a site safety inspection, a site safety audit also reviews your OSH processes and procedures to identify shortfalls and/or opportunities for improvement.