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  • Home Buyers Construction Guide

    The Guide aims to inform new home buyers about common construction concerns such as plaster cracking, glass scratches and slab cracks, with advice on whether remedial action is necessary. It is an ideal complement to standard contract documents, dealing with expectations about levels of finish and construction standards to be achieved in new homes.

  • MWC for Commercial (Minimum purchase: 2)

    Medium Works Contract Lump sum contract, the terms and conditions of which are in keeping with commercial sector practice. It includes conditions for retention and liquidated damages and provides for progress claims at regular intervals, rather than at stages of the project.   It can be used for housing projects but strictly only where the […]

  • PPA 2014 – Preparation of Plans Agreement Pad

    Contract which provides the owner to pay the builder for work carried out in preparation for entering the main building contract. Work could include site inspection, site survey, preparation of plans etc. Builder’s fee structure is settled up front and paid regardless of whether a building contract follows.

  • Quotation Document Pad

    Simple duplicate quote forms in pad format. Provides builders details, brief description of work and total price fixed for 30 days.

  • RBW for Housing including multi-residential (Minimum purchase: 2)

    Residential Building Works Lump sum contract for housing projects, including multiple units, where the contract sum is more than $500,000 or more.   While not required to comply with the Home Building Contracts Act, this contract is similar to much of the HBW lump sum contract.   The contract is directly between builder and owner […]

  • Site Report Forms Pad

    Checklist to assist in proper assessment of provisional sum for site costs.

  • Small Works Contract SWC 2017 (Minimum purchase: 2)

    (Agreement for Small Works, 2017 Edition) Lump sum contract for small scale domestic work (up to $7500, e.g pergolas, retaining walls, paving etc.) or commercial work up to about $50,000. Not to be used for Home Building Contracts Act work (housing projects between $7500 and $500,000).

  • Standard Specification – Brick (Minimum purchase: 3)

    Standard specification for use in conjunction with drawings and building contracts in construction of predominately framed structures.

  • Standard Specification – Framed (Minimum purchase: 3)

    Standard specification for use in conjunction with drawings and building contract in construction of predominantly framed structures.

  • Subcontract Works Agreement SCW 2017 (Minimum purchase: 2)

    (Agreement for Subcontract Works, 2017 Edition) General purpose subcontract agreement for use with the HBW, MWC, RBW, SW or CP.

  • Term Subcontract Agreement TSC 2017 (Minimum Purchase: 2)

    A term subcontract where the length of the agreement and rates for work are agreed and work is ordered from time to time. Suitable for use with housing and commercial head contracts including HBW, SHBW, RBW, MWC, SWC and CP.

  • Variation Order Form Pad

    The Variation Order Form provides a proper record of variations which comply with Home Building Contracts Act.

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    Works Order and Purchase Order Conditions (PDF Format)

    Terms and conditions suitable to be added to simple works and purchase orders. The document will be emailed to you in a PDF format.