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  1. Conquering contempt

    The Federal Court found CFMEU(WA) organsier, Brad Upton, and the union itself guilty of coercion on the Gorgon Gas Plant construction project last week. The incident involved Upton targeting 90 non-union employees. The language used in the matter highlights the contempt union officials have for non-union members and illustrates why only 11% of the private sector’s workforce happens to be a union member these days.

  2. Double standards abound


    Senator Nick Xenophon has declared no support for the increases in secondary boycott breach provisions for unions, from a current maximum of $750,000 to $10m, which would put them on par with the penalties corporations face. Why the Senator has come to this decision is a mystery. Today’s unions are sophisticated, professionally-run organisations that hold hundreds of millions of dollars in financial reserves. Why are they a protected species that’s exempt from the same penalty provisions as companies?

  3. Join us for a 4 O'Clock Forum on October 4

    Master Builders is holding a 4 o’clock forum for commercial members on Wednesday, October 4. We'll be discussing the Corrupting Benefits legislation, which was passed last week by Federal Parliament. It will be held at Master Builders Board Room, Level 3, 35 Havelock Street, West Perth. Click here for more information or contact the Events Team.