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  1. Unions fined for unlawful conduct in Queensland

    The Federal Court last week imposed $430,000 in combined penalties on the CFMEU(Qld)/CEPU(Qld) for unlawful conduct. The Court’s criticism of the CFMEU was scorching in relation to its disregard for the law and willingness to pay fines as a cost of doing business. The Court disregarded lower agreed penalties between the union and ABCC and significantly increased them. It also asked why the ABCC had been so lenient. If ever there was message to deliver, that was it.

  2. Objections to union merger gaining momentum

    Master Builders Australia outlined its objections to the CFMEU/MUA merger in the FWC last week. The matter has been adjourned with the case expected to be heard over some months, given the range of players involved.