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  1. Queensland sets the tone

    The Queensland Building And Construction Legislation (Non-Conforming Building Products—Chain Of Responsibility And Other Matters) Amendment Bill, currently before the Queensland government, is expected to set the tone for other states and territories to follow. Master Builders is actively engaged in monitoring the amendment bill and its implications for WA.

  2. NCC Amendments

    Members are advised the NCC (Building Code) will be amended out-of-cycle. The amendment will be known as NCC 2016, Volume One Amendment 1. This amendment primarily clarifies existing provisions of the NCC, including evidence of suitability. A draft will be released for public comment in late August/September 2017 with adoption scheduled for March, 2018.

  3. Homelessness Week

    Next Week (7-13 August) is Homelessness Week. This year’s theme is “Let's End Homelessness, not just manage it.” Master Builders is participating in several forums on homelessness with Shelter WA during this period.

  4. Plumbers wanted

    Plumbers Licensing Board is seeking expressions of interest from a plumbing industry representative with knowledge and experience of the plumbing industry to join them. For further information, click here.

  5. Plumbing work scrutiny

    The Building Commission is now targeting all businesses and organisations that engage people to carry out plumbing work. A new Industry Bulletin has been released. Click here to access it.

  6. Updated construction practices

    Master Builders is a part of the ACP (Acceptable Construction Practise) working group that is updating 6 ACPs for inclusion in Volume 2 of the 2019 NCC. The ACPs are: Fixing of decks and balconies to external walls of buildings, Fire Safety, Masonry, Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas, Wall Cladding and Sound Insulation.