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  1. 5D BIM ready for take-off: free event

    BIMWest is holding a free event on 5D BIM 16 August at Central TAFE. Speakers Sharon Yap (5D cost planning) and David Palmer (5D process Revit). Phil Davies will run a hands-on lab. More information about this free event here. 

  2. Stick to Standards tender closings

    Master Builders’ representatives strongly opposed suggested changes to tender closing times when the Association met Building Management and Works recently. Current closing times largely follow the requirements of AS 4120 Code of tendering.

  3. Two CFMEU(V) Officials found not guilty

    Justice Bromberg in a curious decision last week found 2 CFMEU(V) officials not guilty of breaching union right of entry laws despite both repeatedly going on site as officials refusing to produce any entry notice or entry permits when asked. Why? The learned judge agreed with the union they were not seeking entry, they were just there to talk to the boys. Notably, the judge has a history of favouring the union’s fairy tales over the ABCC which filed the charges.

  4. Move to restrict LDs

    Master Builders’ National Contracts Advisory Committee is considering a proposal to advocate for exemption from liquidated damages as a remedy for delays on Government funded work if those delays are caused by unprotected industrial action.