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  1. Changes to Western Power “domes”

    Members are advised of changes to Western Power “domes”. From 1 August 2017 a new ‘mini pillar - rectangular’ (‘rectangular pillar’) will replace the existing ‘mini pillar - dome’ (‘dome’) as the standard mini pillar. Changes to the Electricity (Network Safety) Regulations in 2015 required Western Power to update the specifications for mini pillars.  The new ‘rectangular pillar’ meets the standards, and is consistent with the pillar utilised in other localities across Australia. For further information, click here.

  2. Technical Officer attends industry stakeholder working group

    Master Builders attended an industry stakeholder working group meeting this week  relating to requirements for tanks and pumps for low to midrise residential buildings initially. Further details will be provided in due course.

  3. Housing Affordability Summit

    The Premier has referred our request for a Housing Affordability Summit to Housing Minister Peter Tinley to consider. The McGowan government is convening a series of high level consultative forums with key industry sectors.

  4. Release of draft document

    Members are reminded, Standards Australia's BD-004 committee has released a draft of a revision to AS 3700, Masonry Structures for public comment. Click here for additional information. The draft can be accessed here. Any comments can be forwarded to Jason -