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  1. National Safety & Industrial Relations Committee Meeting

    Construction Director, Kim Richardson, was in Brisbane last week for National Safety and Industrial Relations Committee meetings.

  2. Regulators tackling NCBPs

    The Building Commission is participating in a national collaboration between building regulators responding to the non-conforming building products (NCBP) issue. The group’s work has resulted in the Queensland Government leading in development of ‘chain-of-responsibility’ legislation in relation to NCBPs.

  3. Procurement the focus of joint submission

    Master Builders, the Australian Institute of Architects, the Association of Consulting Architects and Consult Australia have been in discussions over a joint submission on procurement to be put to the Langoulant Commission of Inquiry.

  4. Wage case decision

    Master Builders has issued to members the latest federal and state wage case decisions for relevant on-site construction awards. For apprentice wage rates see here. For building and construction general on-site awards see here.

  5. $150mil damages claim

    The CFMEU(V) was served this week with a $150m damages claim by liquidators for a developer of a Melbourne unit project. It is alleged the developer became insolvent as a direct result of unlawful union interference in the construction project.

  6. FWC approves unpaid leave

    FWC has rejected an ACTU claim to introduce paid domestic violence leave in Modern Awards but, in the alternate, approved unpaid leave with access to family leave as an option. The ACTU championed this as a win whilst employers argued for this outcome which the ACTU opposed. It is a commonsense decision.