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  1. Great Southern: Golf Day – Thank you

    Master Builders Association Great Southern thank all sponsors for their support for the 2013 Golf Day.

  1. | 26 Jul 2013

    AS 2545 -1993 – Subcontract Conditions

    Sub-Contract Conditions. This Standard was prepared by the Standards Australia Committee on General Conditions of Contract to supersede AS2545-1987, Subcontract conditions to provide a set of compatible subcontract conditions involving site work on projects where AS2124-1992, General Conditions of Contract, is in use as the head contract between the Main Contractor and the Principal.

  1. | 26 Jul 2013

    AS2124 -1992 – General Conditions of Contract and Tendering; Form of Tender (AS 2125-1992); and Form of Formal Instrument of Agreement (AS 2127-1992)

    General Conditions of Contract (AS 2124 – 1992). These editions of AS2124, AS2125 & AS2127 (bound together) were prepared by the Standards Australia Committee on General Conditions of Contract. While these are the latest editions, the 1986 editions remain as current Standards, the 1981 editions remain as available superseded Standards and the 1978 editions are […]

  1. | 26 Jul 2013

    DECON 2013 User Guide

    The DECON 2013 User Guide provides a plain English description of the substance of the DECON 2013 Lump Sum Contract to help in the understanding of the administration of the contract.

  1. | 26 Jul 2013

    TC 2012 Trade Contract (Minimum Purchase: 2)

    Companion trade contract for use with CM 2012 – Construction Management contract. Sets out terms and conditions on which the construction manager engages trade contractors on behalf of the principal.

  1. | 26 Jul 2013

    PM2 Project Management Agreement (Set of 2)

    Contract with the principal where the project manager assumes responsibility for controlling, managing and coordinating the project as agent for the principal. Project manager carries out construction management, but also undertakes earlier duties such as design approval, engaging consultants, arranging finance and preparation of plans.

  1. | 26 Jul 2013

    ABIC MW.SC-2018 User Guide

    A practice note for general guidance in understanding ABIC MW.SC-2008 Major Works subcontract.