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  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Pool and Spa Safety Barriers

    With hot weather across the state, pools are a hot topic. Most people would be aware that an approval is required to install a swimming pool. Concrete, fibre-glass, or liner pools all need approval, as well as above-ground and temporary pools. The reason for the need for a Building Permit for swimming pools is not […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Employment and Agreement Making

    Agreement Making The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) substabtially changes the process and nature of agreement making and emphasises collective agreement making. The scope of matters that an agreement can cover has been expanded by the FW Act. This fact sheet outlines the agreement making process, types of agreements and content of agreements. […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    Energy Rating

    The Energy Rating Label was first introduced in 1986 in NSW and Victoria. It is now mandatory in all Australian states and territories for televisions, fridges and freezers, washers and dryers, dishwashers and air-conditioners to carry the label when they are offered for sale. The Energy Rating Labeling Scheme assists consumers with assessing the energy […]

  1. South West: Granny flat reform passed

    The State Government has announced new planning reforms that allow homeowners to rent out backyard ‘granny flats’ or built above garages