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  1. | 26 Jul 2013

    DECON 2013 Design and Construct Contract

    DECON 2013 is a Design and Construct contract which is used when the contractor provides all of the services necessary to complete a building project including provision of the design.  The principal engages the contractor to undertake the responsibility for adopting a design that follows the principal’s project requirements and obtaining all licenses, permits, consents, […]

  1. | 17 Jun 2013


    TO ENQUIRE NOW, CLICK HERE To be among the select number of partners who support our awards to recognise the best builders and their projects across the state is a worthy accolade. Through your relationship with Master Builders’ extensive awards program and industry wide recognised brand, you will receive unprecedented branding exposure pre and post […]

  1. | 6 Jun 2013

    First Homebuyers & Building

    First homebuyers comprise around twenty per cent of the new home market.  This means that each year of the 20,000 new dwellings constructed each year, around 4,000 will be built by new homebuyers. Master Builders’ advice to homebuyers who are going through the building process for the first time is as follows: Make sure you […]