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To find young people interested in building industry apprenticeships or traineeships:

You can contact the Apprenticeship Office by: Phone 13 19 54 (for callers outside Western Australia, please call 08 6551 5499); or


Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provides support to both employers of apprentices or apprentices. This is a Commonwealth initiative and Network Providers have been awarded contracts to provide these services on behalf of the Commonwealth Government. In Western Australia there are the following Network Providers ;

WA MEGT (Australia) Ltd 136 348
WA Chambers Apprenticeship Support Australia Pty Ltd 1300 363 831
WA AMA Services (WA) Pty Ltd 1800 808 568
WA The BUSY Group Ltd 132879

Employers can locate apprentices by contacting their local TAFE or private training providers who offer the Certificate II in Construction (Pre Apprenticeship) They will have a number of candidates who are completing this qualification and most will be seeking an apprenticeship


When you have a suitable recruit:

  1. Sign a Training Contract for a specified term. This can be organised, at no cost through any of the following Australian Apprenticeship Network Providers :
WA MEGT (Australia) Ltd 136 348
WA Chambers Apprenticeship Support Australia Pty Ltd 1300 363 831
WA AMA Services (WA) Pty Ltd 1800 808 568
WA The BUSY Group Ltd 132879
  1. The probationary period stipulated in the Australian Apprenticeship Training Contract allows you to assess your Australian Apprentice before taking them on permanently. The probationary period is dependent on the term of the apprenticeship. Your Australian Apprentice may still be entitled to notice of termination under the relevant award, enterprise agreement, or National Employment Standards during the probationary period.
  2. Contact Wageline(1300 655 266) to confirm the rate of pay and conditions of employment for your apprentice, if employed under a state award.

Employers covered by federal awards, can contact Fair Work Australia (Phone: 1300 799 675).

In addition to wages, apprentices are also entitled to 9.5% superannuation and registration with MyLeave (formerly the Construction Industry Long Service Leave Payments Board) – 9476 5400.

Prior to working on-site all apprentices are required to undertake a safety induction. Contact the Master Builders Association on 94769800 for details or click here to do the safety training online.


Part of your training contract obligations is to develop a training plan with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). TAFE is an RTO.

Australian Apprenticeship Network Providers can provide more advice and assistance on training options.

Most training is carried out on site and you will need to provide appropriate training and supervision to give your apprentice or trainee the opportunity to learn the skills they require to complete their apprenticeship or traineeship.

The apprentice in consultation with the employer will decide on a training provider where they will attend the off site training. This will be either a public registered training organisation often referred to as a TAFE or a private registered training organisation.

Your RTO is responsible for negotiating a training plan with you, providing training and assessment and issuing the apprentice’s or trainee’s qualification. The issue of the competencies is done in consultation with the employer as a lot of the training is done on site.


Various incentives help to cover the cost of your apprentice. There are numerous Government incentives that are continually updated:

  • To view the latest Government incentives click here.
  • To view Construction Training Fund incentives click here.
  • To view Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation incentives for bricklaying , click here.

Note also

  • You are exempt from payroll tax on apprentice wages.

Your apprentice will be entitled, at no cost to you, to receive contributions towards portable paid long service leave from My Leave.


When you as employer, and the RTO confirm training is complete (which may be before the specified apprenticeship or traineeship term):

  • The RTO issues the apprentice’s or trainee’s qualification. The Department Training and Workforce Development issues the trade certificate.
  • You apply to your, Australian Apprenticeship Support Network, ABBTF and Construction Training Fund for your final incentives.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back. You have successfully invested in the future of the industry. Celebrate with your new tradie.

You are encouraged to nominate your apprentices for the Master Builders WA Apprentice of The Year Awards. These are held annually with nominations opening in April and closing at the beginning of August. The awards are held in November of each year, nominate them for the Master Builders Apprentice Awards!


Here are some useful contacts for Group Training Organisations (GTOs). If you prefer not to employ an apprentice directly, or you only need an apprentice for a short term, or you are not able to provide training for all aspects of an apprenticeship, then using a Group Training Organisation may be for you. GTOs employ apprentices and make them available to employers for long and short term projects.

The Group Training Organisation does the payroll including superannuation and also covers workers compensation insurance, the study fees and manages the human resource aspects on your behalf.

Group Training Organisations that are members of Master Builders include: