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A strong Master Builders Western Australia for a strong building and construction industry.


Master Builders Western Australia is the peak industry association for the building and construction industry.


Master Builders is a membership based industry association for the purpose of providing our members with:

  • Industry leadership and stewardship.
  • Strong industry advocacy and representation.
  • Promotion of construction excellence.
  • National representation with Master Builders Australia.
  • Highly valued technical advice and support.
  • Tailored products & services.
  • Quality and relevant training.
  • Career and professional pathways.
  • Access to regional, state, national, and international affiliations, alliances and partnerships


Master Builders Western Australia will drive its vision with a culture that is:

  • Forward thinking and committed to a positive contribution to the building and construction industry.
  • Orientated to setting and achieving goals to ensure our success.
  • Service based and driven by integrity and collaboration.
  • Committed to evidence based decision making.



We embrace integrity when:

  • We are professional in the way we work
  • We build trust and relationships through our deeds and actions
  • We show respect to all and value diversity
  • We consistently apply evidence based decision making, for which we are willing to be accountable
  • We are considered and consistent in our actions and communication with others


We embrace success when:

  • We derive great satisfaction from achieving challenging goals and objectives
  • We pursue continuous improvement in all that we do
  • We are pre-emptive in how we identify and address opportunities and threats
  • We show agility and responsiveness to the changing world around us
  • We support each other in our challenges and share in each other’s successes


We embrace a service ethos when:

  • We build trust and relationships through our deeds and actions
  • We consider the other person’s circumstances through active enquiry
  • We share our knowledge in a way that is understood and useful by others
  • We are willingly providing value to the person we are dealing with
  • We provide relevant, reliable and quality products and services to our customer


We embrace collaboration when:

  • We are open and straight forward in our communication
  • We set goals and objectives that others can understand and engage in the purpose
  • We seek out and build sustainable partnerships to increase our capability and capacity
  • We display teamwork and knowledge sharing to achieve outcomes greater than what we can achieve as individuals
  • We work towards consensus building and a win win outcome.